"Some of this feedback I had heard before but it just didn't make sense to me then. You've helped me connect the dots and see what I didn't see before. I am doing things differently and could have used this understanding earlier."
- President of business unit of leading global corporation

"My ECP coaches have been great - I feel immensely focused and learned a lot about my approach and how to step up and hone my leadership skills. It's odd the real breakthrough was to take the focus off leadership as a goal and understand it as a tool necessary for accomplishing the ultimate goal. This process has been about a lot more than me; it's been about knowing and focusing the goals for this enterprise."
- CEO and President

"I have taken total leadership responsibility, and hit a home run. I am more comfortable in my relationship with the Board, and am getting good feedback from them. I feel more natural in my presentation skills, more self confident, more in control of the material. My relationship with my peers has improved dramatically. People now see me in the CFO role. I feel good about what I'm doing."
-CFO, major real estate development company

"My sincere thanks to you for all your help and support to my husband and I across my job search. I successfully landed a great position with a world class company in a large part due to you! You are one of the best coaches I have ever had, and a very dear friend."
- Vice President of Quality, major global consumer products company

"Some of this feedback I had heard before but it just didn't make sense to me then. You've helped me connect the dots and see what I never could see before. It really resonates now."
- President of $800 million business unit of major corporation

"The thorough assessment process proved to be right on target. Taking the time to reflect and keep an open mind has restored my confidence in my capabilities and supported my decision to launch what has become a very successful and rewarding consulting practice."
- Sales Executive, Fortune 100 wireless provider

"From my extensive experience in this area, from both the perspective of receiving the service and buying as the head of HR, I've been very impressed with the caliber and breadth of Executive Coaching Partners. ECP has the unique capability to provide strategic HR consulting services and to effectively coach different levels within the organization. The ECP consultants also have a diversity of business experience which provides tremendous credibility and the ability to be effective within many functional areas of the organization."
- VP of HR, Global Manufacturing Firm

"I was fortunate to begin a coaching relationship with one of the ECP coaches during a difficult time in my professional career. My coach's counsel resulted in constructive practical action; and a very successful outcome for our organization in total, as well as for me personally. With this coaching support, I have regained the enthusiasm, ambition, and passion that I once had for my work."
- Vice President, Premier Healthcare Advertising Agency

Executive Coaching Partners works with executives in a highly individualized process.